Latitude : 16.687469

Longitude: 121.547600

Bus Schedule

Bus schedule to Santiago City

            The bus schedule to Santiago City, Isabela of the three major bus companies,  Five Star, Florida and Victory Liner are indicated below. They all take the Dalton route going to Santiago City Isabela with several stopovers for coffee and toilet breaks.

            Though there are trips all throughout the day, majority of them are scheduled at night. Note that the bus company may change their schedule without prior notice and thus it is still advisable to check with the bus company for the exact bus schedule to Santiago City.

 Santiago City Isabela Bus schedule (Victory, Florida and Five Star) legend


Day trip

Bus schedule to Santiago City Isabela for day trips (Victory, Florida and Five Star)



Night trip

bus schedule to Santiago City Isabela (Victory, Florida and Five Star) night trips