Latitude : 16.687469

Longitude: 121.547600

By plane

How To Go To Santiago City By Plane



C. By Plane
Time: 1 hr flight + bus ride (1hr or 4hrs depending on the airport)
Cost: Php 5’000.00 (100.00 USD) + bus fare

There are two airports in the region which you could take from Manila to Santiago City. The price difference of plane ticket to both airport is almost negligable. Consider the baggage limit when flying locally. They are strict with the rules so check the airline’s policy before traveling.


1. Manila (MNL) – Cauyan (CYZ)

A. Cebu Pacific  –  (every Mon, Wed, Fri & Sat am)

This could be the fastest way to reach Santiago City though you have to consider the limited flights from Manila (MNL) going to Cauayan City Airport (CYZ). Cauayan City is just an hour away and several public transportation available going to Santiago City.Only one flight is scheduled every morning at around 9:00 am of Monday. Wednesday, Friday and Saturday morning, which flies back to Manila about half an hour to an after hour it landed.

By plane to Santiago City via Cauayan Airport

If you are taking a rented car, then there are three routes you could take from Cauyan City Aiport to Santiago City proper. The Alicia-Echague route is busier since more public tranportation take this road.

By plane to Santiago City via Cauayan Airport Route Map

2. Manila (MNL) – Tuguegarao (TUG)

A. Cebu Pacific – everyday (am & pm)

B. Philipine Airlines – everyday (am & pm)

Farther north is Tuguegarao City Airport which offers daily return flights to and from Manila, not to mention that another airline company is added in the choices.   Note though that this latter option is about 4 hours drive away to Santiago City with the traffic jam in consideration. The Santa Maria route is less congested but less houses or establishments along the way compare to the busier Ilagan route. There are several bus companies avaible that travel from Tuguegarao City to Santiago City all throughtout the day.

By plane to Santiago City via Tuguegarao Airport Route Map