Latitude : 16.687469

Longitude: 121.547600

Where to stay

Hotels & Inns in Santiago City, Isabela


In the heart of the Santiago City Center


Jardin De Honor Pension Haus

34 Doña Aurora St., Victory Norte

Tel: (078) 682-8173 / 0922-8811-002

Santiago City, Isabela , Philippines

This renovated 1950’s house offers six (6) bedrooms right  in the city center, just walking distance to the old public market. There are parking spaces avaible for at most two (2) cars. Television, radio, toilet and shower are available and are for sharing on the ground floor. Read more here.


Zen Hotel

Maharlika Highway Villasis

Santiago City, Isabela

Tel: +63(078) 305-2351 / +63-917-871-6955

This is a new addition to the hotels in Santiago City Isabela. Located next to a school, public transportation is not a problem. The hotel has its own restaurant, a cafe and a swimming pool. Relatively fast internet is available in the common area as well as in the rooms. Read more here.


Dreamwave Hotel

 Four Lanes (next to Xentro Mall)

Santiago City, Isabela , Philippines

 Tel: +63-917-528-8043

This hotel is strategically located inside Xentro Mall which makes it very convenient when you want to do some shopping. The rooms are spacious and are equipped with a flat screen televesion, a closet and a deposit box. Wireless internet is available in the lobby of the hotel. Read more here.


Amancio Hotel

Panganiban Corner Arellano Street, Dubinan East

Santiago City  3311 Philippines

Tel: (078)-305-0388 / (078) 305-2877 / 0906-932-6449

This 40-room edifice is the first hotel to greet you as you enter Santiago City, Isabela if you are coming from Manila. It will be easy to spot it being the tallest building in Santiago City, Isabela as it claims to be.  Internet is available in the lobby as well as in the rooms.


In the periphery of Santiago City


Bertplace Hotel & Restaurant

Calao East, City Road,

Santiago City, Isabela , Philippines

Tel: +63 (0)78-305-9883

Bertplace Hotel prides itself for providing a relaxed, comfortable and safe stay when in Santiago City, Isabela. They have eight (8) rooms to offer which are all equipped with fast internet and hot showers. Other amenities include a parking lot and airport transfer. It is also worth mentioning that a few blocks away from the hotel there is a bus terminal.


Charina’s Suite Hotel

Purok 4, National Highway, Rizal

Santiago City, Isabela , Philippines

Tel: +63-943-706-5351 and +63-927-305-8919

Charina’s Suite Hotel is an elegant and modern hotel that has 16 rooms, en suite bathrooms and a private balcony with a pool view. It is located along the business district of Mabini Circle. Though not in the city center, it doesn’t feel remote as it has its own KTV Bar and restaurant where city dwellers like to go to spend their evening entertained.