Latitude : 16.687469

Longitude: 121.547600

How To Get To Santiago City

 Travel to Santiago City Isabela


Travel to Santiago City Isabela


            There are three different ways to travel from Manila, the country’s capital, to Santiago City Isabela. You can go by private car giving you the liberty to stop anytime you want. Public transportation is also an option. All through out the day, public transportation busses traverse the mountainous Nueva Ecija and Nueva Vizcaya carrying passengers going to and from Cagayan Valley. Most of the bus trips are scheduled in the evening. In 2009, the possibility of flying from Manila to Isabela became possible cutting the travel time to about an hour.

            The cost and travel time per mode of transportation vary depending on the choice you make. We have gathered the information needed to make the trip less stressful. Note that the price and travel time indicated are just estimates. It is advisable to check directly with the company to check the exact cost.


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