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Review: Jardin De Honor Pension Haus

Jardin De Honor Pension Haus: A review

34 Doña Aurora St., Victory Norte Santiago City

Tel: (078) 682-8173 or 0922-8811-002

This is one of the hidden gems when it comes to where to stay in Santiago City, Isabela. It is a home away from home, literally. This used to be a residential house built in the 50’s if not earlier. It has been renovated and slightly updated to catch up with modern times, though the layout of the house was kept intact as well as the authentic Spanish-era windows. The green and well-cared front lawn of the house is very inviting and adds charm to this pension house. It is also worth noting that a wifi-hotspot is available.

Jardin De Honor Pension Haus (Santiago City, Isabela) - The house

Jardin De Honor Pension Haus (Santiago City, Isabela) – The house

If you have a car, parking is no issue at all even being right in the heart of Santiago City, Isabela as you could safely park your car inside the compound. The space is limited to only two cars though and it is on a first-come-first-served basis. Tricycle, the common public transportation within the city center is also very accessible when you choose to stay in Jardin De Honor Pension Haus. You could hail one right in front of the inn or the staff will do so for you.


Location of Jardin de Honor, Santiago City Isabela (by google maps)

Location of Jardin de Honor, Santiago City Isabela (by Google Maps)

On the ground floor of the house is the living area equipped with a television and radio. It is nothing fancy but it is sufficient. There are shared showers and toilets on both floors. Like in typical Filipino bathroom, expect no bath tub but instead a pail and a “tabo”. Expect the water from the tap to be cold, though, you could request them to heat water for your Filipino-style shower. You could forget about the dining area as they don’t serve food in the house. With its convenient location near the old public market and the main street, shops and food joints are just a stone’s throw away.


RoomratesThere are about seven (7) bedrooms available on the second floor of the house. All rooms are neat, clean, simple and most importantly, air-conditioned. The rooms are average size, just enough to fit a queen size bed in each room or two single beds. They have good firm mattress which assures a good night sleep. Surprisingly, even being in the city center, it is relatively quiet in the the evening. This is the ideal place if are looking for a place to crash with a good value for money. Jardin De Honor Pension Haus welcomes you home in Santiago City Isabela, your home away from home.